Valetudo Group is the umbrella organisation for six holistic health and wellness services owned and operated by Sara Picken-Brown. Offering corporate and private coaching, programs and destination rejuvenation retreats.

Sara Picken-Brown

Who is Sara Picken-Brown?

Known as ‘The Figure Genie’, Sara Picken-Brown has over 20 years fitness industry experience. A former professional ballerina, injury forced a career shift toward fitness.  A decade of professional bodybuilding;  23x championship titles, 3x IFBB Australian National Champion, IFBB 5th in the World’s. A shift in focus and passion for greater challenges saw the inclusion and participation in Crossfit and Functional training, culminating in a 30 day Leadership Intensive with USANavy SEALs over 3 years and a 50hr (3 days no sleep) BUDS Hell Week experience, of which Sara was the only female to complete alongside 24 from the 50 starters. Sara has Coached Olympians, Commonwealth Games champions, helped a number of amateur physique and bodybuilding athletes turn professional, mentored personal trainers to business success. 

BodyAlign, Barre, Yoga & Private Coaching

These diverse experience of discipline, mental resilience, focus and ‘never quit’ attitude have been the foundational principles of the BodyAlign Program.  Yoga, Pilates and FloorBarre are the complimentary physical platforms that make these accessible  to all.

Most recently moving to London from Australia, she brings her proven and successful nutrition & training methodology to you.