Starting is usually easier than keeping going when it comes to your fitness & training plans.
Having a clear goal is important, but what happens when the weather turns & the days get shorter?
How can you keep striving when you would rather stay in bed?

  1. Not a morning person but its the only time you can train? Sleep in your workout gear, saves time & gives you a few extra moments in bed.
  2. Train with a heart rate monitor for both cardio & strength sessions. Make every rest, every rep & every effort count based on your own personal responses. This is a very effective tool for making sure you are not over doing or under doing your workouts.
  3. Get connected. Join one of the many apps to track your fitness. Strava is one of my favourites. Great motivation to train with a buddy, check up on your friends and their training and maybe meet some new pals all over the world.
  4. Have your training sessions in your diary with the outcome of the session pre-planned. If you are running; plan the time, the sessions work load and parameters you are training within. Strength training? plan what type of session, exercises, rep ranges, time for rests, length and goal of session. This way you never waste time, you are always task focused and will achieve better results.
  5. Set alerts for your training sessions, training appointments with yourself are just as important and ‘not-to-be-missed’ as all other meetings in your day.
  6. Have 2 gym bags; 1 at the office & one at home. Put them on rotation or simply have one that is the emergency bag for the days you forget key items or simply forget your bag. IT happens to the best of us, but thats not reason to miss a session.
  7. Invest in a weight vest, this is an invaluable bit of kit for strength training as well as cardio training. Adding a 5-10kg to your frame and doing your normal workout can increase the intensity by 100% & help you burn up to 50% more calories and of course fat cells.
  8. Don’t skip breakfast before training. Even 1/2 a banana before training will see you get better results by helping spark-plug the muscle to fire more effectively and promote post exercise fat-metabolisation for 20% longer post exercise.
  9. Concerned its going to rain and your phone will get wet during your run? Cover the phone in cling wrap. It will still work and not get wet.
  10. Have a long cardio session planned but get bored easily? Watch a movie. Helps you stay focused on something other than the pain.