Jana- 20 Day Yoga Challenge

“I have completed the 20 Day Yoga Challenge with Sara, over the past 20 days I discovered muscles that I never new I had. I enjoyed Sara’s guidance and the everyday routine the challenge brought to my life during quarantine. I improved my posture significantly plus my ability to concentrate on what’s happening on the mat. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to get over the ‘forever beginner’ stage or even just to build some initial strength.

I would like to thank you, again, Sara, for your patience and the tips that no-one has given me before. I know there is still a long journey in front of me but I am sure it will be a better one because of you.”

Lidia- ‘Fun & Intense’

“I have been doing Sara’s barre and power yoga classes for over a year now. I enjoy very much uniqueness of her classes and positive spirit that she brings into it. Since then I have improved my yoga technique, strengthen my core body and balance. If you are looking for intense but fun and active yoga/barre classes I highly recommend Sara.”

Micaela- ‘You Never Get Bored’

”I have been doing Sara’s #barre classes as well as #yoga for over a year now and I absolutely love them. She is always in a good mood and with her fun personality Sara almost makes me forget how hard I am working!She actually does the whole routine with us which I find really motivating. Her choice of music, her comments and jokes make it even more enjoyable 🙂 My fitness level improved quite a bit. Now, I can generally move the next day which wasn’t the case at the beginning 🙂 Her classes are always different so I feel like I had a really good work out every time. If you are like me – enjoy exercising but don’t feel motivated working out alone or in the gym – I would definitely recommend Sara’s classes”

Jenny- ‘Running Stronger’

“I’ve always wanted to do yoga but I didn’t want to join the classes at my local gym. Sara really connects with you . She takes time to make sure you are doing the positions correctly and will make you do it again if not. My flexibility has improved since I joined her classes, and definitely my balance. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking something different as part of their exercise routine. Sara is very engaging and works at a pace to suit all, plus her YouTube videos are a great bonus. Trust me after my first session I was asleep within an hour , she leaves you feeling very relaxed and at peace. Namaste