Working privately with a Coach is the most effective and safest way to fast track your understanding and results when working toward your wellbeing goals. Having the expert eye of a professional help you fine tune your program to work with your physical capabilities, work with your weakness’, work with your strengths and limitations (be they injury management, mobility management or simply giving you ways to make an exercise program work for you so you don’t feel like you have failed). The benefits of working one-on-one with a Coach a rich and varied and ultimately will fast track your progress and knowledge at an exceptional rate, compared to group sessions.

As we move online, Valetudo Virtual Studio has a number of private clients consulting openings for you to benefit from expert Coaching in:



Fitness/ Strength&Conditioning

Nutrition Coaching

Booking your Sessions here. The initial Consultation (20min) is FREE. We will set out a strategy for your success together and then execute this over the coming planned time frame, together.

Private Coaching with Sara