Join me online daily, throughout your isolation lockdown experience. Now is a time like no other to peel away the wasteful layers of inactivity, indulgence, distractions and unhealthy habits. Now is the time to reconnect with what is important and what you really need to thrive.

Simple, clean, consistent habits for the body, mind and soul.

We have new programs and challenges launching in May. Make the most of this unique and potentially illuminating time in our collective history and personal experience.

How will it work?
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  • Single sessions
  • 5 class pack
  • Back2Basics Yoga 4 week course
  • May 20 Day Yoga Challenge
  • UNLIMITED sessions (choose from 52 classes over the next 4 weeks).
    • You will receive a link to the conference platform with a login code for the sessions you nominate. Then, on the day simply set up your mat with your computer in eye-line and off we go.
Weekly (until  Thursday 30th April)
Private Clients7.30am [Yoga]7.00am [Pilates]7.00am [Pilates] 10am [BARRE_BURN45] 
Bespoke Corporate Coaching Program1pm [Yoga]1pm [Yoga] 1pm [BARRE]  1pm [Yoga] 11am [Yoga] 
Private Clients6pm [Yoga]6pm [Beginner Yoga Course]
Private Clients7-7.45pm [Meditation] 
Weekly (until  Thursday 30th April)
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