We offer Personal Training and Private Coaching Services in London and Online in fitness, weight management, nutrition, yoga, pilates, barre/ballet tuition.

If you are based in: Kensington, Chelsea, Primrose Hill, Belgravia & Fitzrovia we can come to your home or office to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Our packages can assist you to:

Prepare for an event: We have professional level success in coaching athletes to professional level in Bodybuilding/Physique (IFBB), Figure Competition (IFBB), Olympians, New York Marathon, London Marathon, Triathletes, Police Force & Special Forces ‘entry level’ fitness testing.

Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle: Realising you need to focus on your health and wellbeing can be a daunting & confronting experience. We have the Coaching and education program to help set your future health strategy up from a strong foundation so that you maintain your focus and results long term. We get you moving and eating for health as well as understanding your personal pitfalls so you don’t repeat the unhelpful cycles in the future.

Take it to the next level: Happy with your current program but feel you could do with a little nudge, maybe you have started to get a little stale with training ideas and tapping into the 20 year professional level knowledge bank would seriously boost your motivation and inspiration. We can help for a short term super charger program to boost your current plan and set yourself for the next 12-18 months of training.

Our programs include:

Nutrition for: Endurance Events, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Hormone balance, Anxiety Management,

Training Packages & Personal Coaching. We have expert knowledge in a number of disciplines (weight training, functional training, endurance events, cross training principles, mobility management and care, return from injury and injury management). Catering to total beginners and professional level alike.

Personal Health Counselling: If you have tried and failed with your health program or have hit a block in your training/event success, then the challenges may not stem from discipline or motivation but from a deeply ingrained belief and self sabotage behaviour that once identified and addressed can unlock your results beyond expectation. We can work together to explore the nuances to your personal blueprint and remove the patterns that are the roadblocks to your progress and long term health.

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