A guided meditation (20-60min) to help you reveal your deepest desires for your life and path of growth and fulfilment. When we are honest about our desires, we energetically open up opportunity to receive and fulfil them. The process of unearthing authentic desire can take time and is often revealed in stages. When we engage in this enquiry with honesty and willingness, the light of truth will reveal our blindspots and shadows. The knots that bind these desires will begin to release and we move from the path of obsession, confusion and clinging to freedom and deeper awareness. 

This meditation is inspired by the writings of Kavitha M. Chinnaiyan, MD from her book ‘Shakti Rising- Embracing Shadow & Light on the Goddess Path to Wholeness’. I have personally found this a very enlightening work that has brought clarity and a sense of empowerment to myself and my clients. My hope is that you gain greater awareness, clarity and perspective as you move through this process. . . Thank you so much for watching and subscribing to my channel!  

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