Welcome to this 20-40min ‘Ease Uncertainty’ Meditation.  Together lets begin to move from uncertainty to equanimity.  It can be said that where nothing is permanent, there can usually be found a degree of uncertainty.  Please know that during these uncertain times, if you are feeling anxious, uncertain or just plain fearful, this is absolutely ‘normal’ and you are not alone. It is that aspect of yourself that feels unsafe, feels out of control and is scrambling for answers. My hope is that by the end of this session you will be feeling more grounded and at ease. Right now we are experiencing a very immediate reminder that everything we thought was known and certain can change very quickly.  When there is uncertainty we tend to tap into deep survival mechanisms triggered by the ‘i-self’.  That part of us that judges; That part of us that ‘adds the story’ of justification; That part of us that is the self-preservation ego ‘the adaptive self’.  Every human on the planet right now is experiencing some level of emotional upheaval, maybe feeling unsettled or un-centred. You may feel as though you are on a wave; one day ‘OK’ and the next feeling emotionally scattered and fragmented.  When we feel as though our environment or situation is out of control most of us try to control what we can. We begin to grasp for controlling our food, our emotional state through alcohol or drugs, we might try to control our energy through exercise or redirect our focus to work. Essentially we begin to hyper control or external environment as a means of “blocking or redirecting the feelings of uncertainty, fear and ‘I’m not ok’”.  For anyone who has experienced trauma in the past, then this time more than any may be triggering you big time.  Give yourself permission to lean into the feelings of uncertainty, abandonment, not being safe and the turmoil that arises.  Give your self permission to feel and acknowledge what is rising up.  Name it,  Locate it where it resides in your body, its form, colour and texture.  Then sit with it.. allow is to morph and move as it needs without blocking, redirecting or band-aiding it.  Notice your trigger response, what do you immediately default to wanting to do with the feeling in order to ease its burden?  . .  Thank you so much for watching and subscribing to my channel!  

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