Welcome this 30 min guided meditation. As we contemplate the driving desires (Vasana’s) that direct us, the roles and labels that have kept us separate and seeking. Join me in this meditation on ‘desire & self-deception’. Once we realise that the subtle ways we seek approval is based on a fundamental self-deception that we are somehow lacking, we can begin to witness our thoughts and actions with the clarity of ‘divine truth’ and discern the difference between this divine truth and the false truth served up by the ego. My hope is that by the end of this session you will be feeling more grounded and at ease. More aware of the triggers, shadows and blind-spots in thought and action. Awareness brings clarity and freedom, which I hope for all those I have the pleasure to work with and I deeply hope the same for you.  Give yourself permission to lean into the feelings of uncertainty, abandonment, not being safe and the turmoil that arises.  Give your self permission to feel and acknowledge what is rising up.  . . 

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