Enjoy this 45min equipment free Barre session, perfect for travelling, a quick at home session to realign the posture and get oxygen in the brain. A low impact conditioning session using exercises to strengthen, lengthen, refine and hone the body. With a strong focus on structured breath work and mental discipline, this session will take participants on a strength, endurance and flexibility adventure in self awareness; Barre is structured to warm the body and build heat, focus the mind and hone the muscle with core and leg endurance, myo-fascial release and psychological flexibility techniques. It uses some Pilates and Ballet movements, but is designed for all levels with strong focus on strength & endurance athletes body care as well as stress and anxiety management.

MUSIC: ‘The Chill’: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/the-chill-home-fitness-lounge-music/1456263146?i=1456263150

LOCATION: Painswick Village, The Cotswolds, UK