Need to blow off the cobwebs? Enjoy this 45min Dynamic Pilates, ’Full Body Dust-up’.  We work the core, the back, the glutes and mobilise the hip joints, so this session is great if you have been sitting at a desk for long periods and you need to iron out some ‘office posture kinks’. This class is intended for all levels, but if you are a beginner or recovering from an injury, please take it at your own pace, pause the video when you need and reconnect when ready.  This low impact conditioning session using exercises to strengthen, lengthen, refine and hone the body. Remember to strive for awareness not perfection. xx Sara  

Video Location: London 

Music: ‘Falling Apart’ Christopher Tyne 

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Valetudo Virtual Studio is the online coaching platform for Valetudo Group. You can find yoga, pilates, fitness, nutrition classes and Coaching as well as luxury wellness retreats in Bali. Sara Picken-Brown in a London based holistic health expert who has been Coaching & running wellbeing events for over 20 years. She continues to share her passion for mental and physical wellbeing with you.   

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