Make food your medicine, try these natural and easy to include foods to keep you healthy and happy. Most of the following are also great anti-ageing foods a double positive for your Friday.

Avocado – Source of Vitamin B, rich in potassium, regulate blood sugar and stabilise hormones

Berries – Full of Vitamin C and Antioxidants, considered super foods for their phytonutrient levels. Blueberries, red currants and ace berries are all great.

Nuts – Almonds are a valuable source of zinc & iron. Walnuts are high in Omega-3 which the body converts to DHA which lowers norepinephrine, the hormone that makes you feel anxious and irritable.

Seeds – Sesame and pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc.

Spinach – high in magnesium and folate, which produces mood regulating near-transmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

And in addition…

Turkey– high in the amino acid tryptophan which calms the nervous system. Other foods like chicken, bananas, oats and seaweed also have levels of tryptophan in them..



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