We offer sessions in single 60-120min Workshops or package sessions in Meta-Cognition, Meditation and Mindfulness Practices.

The scientific data coming out about the benefits of mind-management and meditation are overwhelming. From managing anxiety and depression, stress and workplace absenteeism to success strategy building for individuals and teams.

We build skills with practical strategies in breathe and mind-management techniques. Many of the skills and techniques have been used by top level athletes, USNavy Seals and spiritual leaders. Sara Picken-Brown shares how mediation and mindfulness techniques were key to achieving in 2 successful professional careers, one as a ballet dancer and the other as a 3x Australian National Champion and World Ranked athlete. She share her personal tips.
• Discover how you can tap into your intuitive intelligence for navigating life events and for vitalising your health and wellbeing.

• Explore some of the fundamentals of meditation to deepen your personal meta-cognition practice with key foundational principles in brain/heart coherence, brain wave state management on demand and what the scientific community have discovered in the last 3 years.

If you have tried Meditation in the past and decided it is not for you, or simply ‘cant get it’ because you feel like you FAILED, then this program is for you. Learn strategies to help with stress, anxiety, pain management & mental focus. We offer you simple structured breathing exercises used to energise or relax your mind & body on demand.

We will debunk the MEDITATION MYSTERY & give you real-world tools that you can use & benefit from RIGHT NOW.

Corporate Meta-Cognition Programs are running throughout workspaces in London currently, Contact us to find out how your workplace or team can benefit. CONTACT US