A guided meditation practice is a wonderful way to quiet the mind and find sanctuary from the outer chaos of the world. Meditation has been proven to have profoundly positive impacts on both our psychological and physical wellbeing. The Valetudo Virtual Studio’s guided (30min) Meditation sessions are a perfect tool for beginner & experienced meditators to ground and rebalance yourself and your constant wandering mind.

Guided Meditation
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Through the simple act of reconnecting with your inner self and practicing the idea of positive affirmations of gratitude for the simple things in life, this series of guided meditation sessions are perfect for anyone that is needing some positivity and calm during these uncertain times. It is time to let go of the negativity, stress, anxiety….whatever is holding you back in your life.

Let these classes take you on a meditative journey to cleanse and heal yourself from the inside out. You get to let go of the tension, the stress, the anxiety, the fear, whatever it is that is holding you back in your mind and simply focus on that inner feelings of peace and joy that is within you.

I look forward to sharing this wonderful and power practice with you through the month of May.

Sessions Times (BST) commencing May 1st

Thursdays 8.30am-9am

Fridays 8.30am-9am