No matter where in the globe you are right now, I think we can all agree that we are facing a challenging and (for some) daunting times. The lockdowns and isolation do not look like they will be lifted anytime soon; with estimates of July or August being speculated here in the U.K as the best case scenario ,worst case suggestions being Christmas.
Keeping focused on small and achievable goals and having a set daily routine that sees you achieving ‘micro-wins’  is the key to navigating the uncertainty and staying mentally and physically healthy.

What better way to welcome in a new month and a new season that with a challenge. Complete a daily yoga practice for 20 days, Monday to Friday at 4pm (British Summer Time) -30 days if you do your homework over the weekends.

Over the 20 Days we will explore:

  • Strength and flexibility for :
    • the upper back (great to correct office posture)
    • shoulder and chest
    • hips and hamstrings (back of the legs)
    • hip flexors and the quads (the front of the legs usually gets very tight if you sit all day)
    • wrists and ankles
  • Mindfulness and guided meditation introduction

By creating and committing to a daily practice, you will see shifts in energy, attention and focus, mental acuity , a greater capacity for ease of movement and perhaps greater pain management.

When: Daily 4pm commencing May 4th-29th 

Where: Online via Zoom [all paid participants will receive login details for the sessions]

Cost: £60 for the month OR £3/session ($USD75.00)

NOT in UK? No problem, here are your options and times. All levels and capabilities are encouraged. For those in Australia, there will be a video link for you to attend the daily sessions each day at a more civilised time than 1am. Lets take this global and enjoy May together..

Los Angeles 8am (PDT) 
New York 11am (EDT)

  • We will then shoot you your own login details for the Zoom Session.
  • Any questions just DM, otherwise I will see you all online 🙂
  • Please note this 20 Day Challenge is sold as a program, single sessions cannot be purchased, non-refundable and non-transferable 5 days prior to and through the duration of the program.