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Often the ‘reshaping’ of habits and achieving long term fat loss or improved performance success begins to happen when we bring awareness to our emotional triggers, replacing the behaviours that do not serve us well, for more positive actions that will lead to the success and results we seek. Often it is not a matter of lack of discipline, far from it. Invariably most of us operate from a defective blueprint for achieving the results we seek. We get swayed from performing the necessary behaviours to achieve because of our emotional state does not support us. We quietly sabotage our success because what feels right is in fact ‘compromised data and evidence’. Bringing awareness to patterns is a great way to begin to create the chance for better choices and in turn the actions to produce necessary change.

Here is where a journal and the art of journalling your patterns can help….

  1. Get a journal and write in it daily.
  2. The act of writing things down rather than typing them allows the brain to sift through your internal files and sort ideas as well as navigate your emotional landscape with more clarity and ease.
  3. Keep the language to your writing non-judgemental. By stating how you ‘feel’ rather than making yourself a ‘bad person’ as you write your thoughts, you allow yourself the opportunity to bring awareness rather than reprimand to situations and your relationships (self & others).
  4. See the patterns that get in the way of personal and professional growth, and healthy relationships with self and others. By becoming mindful with what you are discovering, you can move yourself from a ‘knowing state’ into a ‘doing state’.
  5. Journaling is inexpensive, accessible and is easily to self-manage. It can be a valuable resource for incubating ideas and a processing portal for your inner world. Often having the time and space to process situations, emotions and our reactions, and defence mechanism  is what is most needed.
  6. Helps you to get really organised. They can simply be receptacles for to do lists, future goals, spur-of-the-moment ideas, random insights that you want to remember later, and more. By writing down this kind of information, you’ll be able to better order your life and hold yourself accountable even when you’re at your busiest.
  7. Its a great way to de-stress. Offloading your racing thoughts onto a nonjudgmental medium that isn’t attached to punishment will allow you to get off the hamster wheel and onto a more mentally healthy track. Countless medical professionals and institutions have endorsed journaling as a method to pacify the monkey mind—that is, manage overwhelming emotions and reduce anxiety and stress.Above all you will get to know thy self very quickly.Journals can also act as profound pools of personal reflection.
  8. Tack your evolution. Continually journaling, you give yourself the privilege of tracking your own evolution and the power to acknowledge how you’ve changed and grown.

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