Sara Picken-Brown has been teaching groups and privately around the world for 20 years. Currently teaching up to 15 classes per week, you have a number of opportunities to enjoy the physical benefits of her uniquely structured 45min, 60min or 90min classes. Be motivated, be inspired, be entertained & be empowered by joining one of her sessions near you.

“After a 2-year gap in my practice, I am glad my “return” was through a session with Sara. I am very picky with yoga instructors, and Sara walks the talk and ticks all the right boxes–a depth and breadth of knowledge from someone who has been teaching effectively for a long time; ability to put a total beginner (my mat neighbour) at ease; ability to break down asanas to help students understand how to make them work; patience, warmth, and sincerity, while making the session fun and informative. Need I say I’m booking again?”

Mona, Cotswolds Yoga Workshop

“Had a fab morning of yoga Sara is an inspirational yogi.”

Gill, Cotswolds Yoga Workshop

Want to know how you can enjoy the benefits of ‘Power Yoga’, ‘FloorBarre’ ‘Fitness’ or ‘BodyAlign’ with the highly knowledgeable and popular “Figure Genie”, Sara Picken-Brown? Discover where classes are held in London each week.

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