Floor Barre in the Cotswolds (45min)

Enjoy this 45min equipment free Barre session, perfect for travelling, a quick at home session to realign the posture and get oxygen in the brain. A low impact conditioning session using exercises to strengthen, lengthen, refine and hone the body. With a strong focus on structured breath work and mental discipline, this session will take participants on a strength, endurance and flexibility adventure in self awareness; Barre is structured to warm the body and build heat, focus the mind and…

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Power Yoga Back2Basics | Beginner Yoga-Setting the Foundation #2 (24min)

Welcome beginner Yogi, progressing from video #1 video, Sara guide’s you through the key postures in a flow sequence. Practice with repetition to build movement pattern awareness and integrate the breath with the movements. ¬†Please check out the next video that will focus on the ‘chaturanga’ technique. Keep your shoulders and lower back injury free and build necessary upper body strength and endurance. ¬†¬†Remember take each session slowly and set a strong foundation for your practice. In time, you will…

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Meditation with Sara | ‘Unearthing your deepest desires’ | 20-60min

A guided meditation (20-60min) to help you reveal your deepest desires for your life and path of growth and fulfilment. When we are honest about our desires, we energetically open up opportunity to receive and fulfil them. The process of unearthing authentic desire can take time and is often revealed in stages. When we engage in this enquiry with honesty and willingness, the light of truth will reveal our blindspots and shadows. The knots that bind these desires will begin…

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