Beat Brain Fog With Blueberries

healthy eating - blueberries

More research is coming forth showing a very clear link between diet, lifestyle behaviours and brain health. How do we keep the brain young and healthy, support cell growth, repair & live a more conscious lifestyle with behaviours that support our long term wellbeing? (more…)

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When your body attacks itself

Growing up, I ate most things, but as a child I avoided milk like the plague, preferring instead to drink plain water. To this day I cannot drink the white stuff and have clear preferences on cheeses I can and simply cannot stomach. For good reason, at the age of 40 I finally got a DNAfit test done and discovered that yes, as I had suspected for a long time, I was lactose intolerant. (more…)

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Coconut zucchini bread

After my recent DNAFit results which made it very clear I have a massive sensitivity to carbohydrates and a predisposition to cealiac disease, all of which I have intuitively known for many years. I have been on a mission to find wholesome, clean energy recipes that won’t bloat me, or send me into a carb-coma within 10 minutes of consumption. Here is a gem I found recently, you can steer clear of the dates if they are not your bag, and if coconut flour is too intense in flavour, try spelt flour instead.


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